Rochelle and Newt

Rochelle was invited to the WHCC (World Health Congress Convention) in Washington, DC in March to
present a poster on the technology of how to reduce healthcare costs, reduce risks and increase better patient outcomes.  Rochelle presented the poster using CCTA (Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography) technology used in an outpatient setting for population management for the reduction of diagnostics heart catheters.  

Rochelle and her client have been doing research on this project for over 4 years and have positive commercial outcomes.

During the WHCC, one key note speaker was Newt Gingrich who spoke on the advancement in technology as it is related to healthcare.  It became apparent to Rochelle that Newt really understood the current challenges in today’s healthcare environment.  After his presentation, Rochelle approached Newt and shared with him the frustrations of her symptomatic chest pain management project. Although Rochelle and her client have been able to demonstrate though five (5) thousand cases that have been performed in Arizona over the past 4 years, on paper; using published data that will change the way heart disease is managed in the United States and will save Medicare $9 billion dollars a year. Studies so far, in academia setting, papers have been published; demonstrating these techniques.  They are the treatment of choice in China and the technology is available and being used in Europe. Rochelle and her client have been trying to secure a pilot project with Medicare and commercial payers to demonstrate and prove the outcomes in a commercial setting.

Due to political issues within the health plans, nobody seems to be interested in saving American lives and billions in healthcare dollars.  Knowing Newt’s influence, Rochelle reached out to him for his support in getting in front of the decision makers.

Newt invited Rochelle and her client to come to his office in Virginia recently and they spent the morning in an in depth meeting sharing the technology and the many benefits for Medicare, commercial payers, self insured, physicians and most of all the American public.

Newt has agreed to assist with this project and the future is promising for the project to get off the ground.

Originally coming from England Rochelle doesn’t know anything about American politics… but she does know about saving lives and money!