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The Harley Street Clinic (1979 – 1983)

After becoming a registered nurse in 1982 at North Manchester General Hospital, Rochelle Glassman moved to the Harley Street Clinic, London. It is here that she acted as the Executive Director of one of England’s most prestigious privately owned outpatient clinics.

The Lancet (1983 – 1986)

In 1983, Rochelle opened up the first licensed outpatient laser clinic in the United Kingdom by the name of The Northern Laser Clinic in Manchester, England. In tandem, Rochelle also opened the Northern Diet Clinic, being one of the first to bring supervised weight management to the public of Manchester. In 1986, immediately after being recognized as the runner-up to United Kingdom’s Business Women of the year, Rochelle sold the two clinics. She was also published on Co2 Outpatient Laser treatment in the Lancet Journal of Medicine.

Pacific Oaks Medical Group (1987 – 1991)

In 1987, Rochelle took the Executive Director position at a Los Angeles internal medicine group comprising of only two physicians. She grew that practice into the largest HIV and AIDS multi-specialty (250+ providers) group in the United States. During her time at Pacific Oaks Medical Group, Rochelle implemented the first practice-based plasmaphere program working with Blue Cross. It was during this time that Rochelle also developed and managed a free standing, state approved reference laboratory for HIV related testing for all local Los Angeles hospitals and outpatient offices. They also provided quality assurance for drug related research that increased revenue by $9.6M within two years.

Cigna Healthcare – Capitation (1991 – 1992)

After being recruited by Cigna Healthcare, Rochelle took on a consultant position where she was charged with designing the first 24 hour product under capitation to 680,000 lives. Following this, Rochelle planned and developed a network of 5,500 providers under the Knox Keene legislation. The same year, Rochelle developed one of California’s largest HMO’s in occupational medicine and workers compensation which increased market share by $50M.

Cigna Healthy Babies Program (1992 – 1993)

Following the success of 1991 and the introduction of the capitated programs, Cigna charged Rochelle and her team to solve the increasingly high cost of child birth and maternal care in the United States. She and her team developed, marketed and implemented all aspects of what is still today Cigna’s flagship program, “The Healthy Babies program”. It was piloted under Rochelle’s leadership in Northern California and then rolled-out across the nation.

Schwab, Bennett & Associates (1993 – 1995)

In 1993, Rochelle became a managing partner at a healthcare consulting firm. It was during this time that she developed and implemented the first capitated multi-specialty network in the U.S for Anthem Healthcare (H.Q), the largest insurer in the United States. Later, Rochelle developed and implemented an operational plan for a failing MSO in the Mid-West which turned profits from negative to a profit of $8M within 18 months.

Schwab, Bennett & Associates (1995 – 1998)

From 1995 to 1997, Rochelle and team worked with four separate hospital systems in California, Virginia, Ohio and New Jersey to develop integrated women’s health programs to increase quality of patient care and network membership. It was within the same time period that Rochelle worked with a subsidiary company of Virginia Blue Cross to develop a marketing program for their disease management initiative.

Valley Heart & Lung Associates (1998 – 1999)

In 1998, Rochelle decided to join the 5th largest cardiothoracic practice in the U.S., specifically to plan, develop and launch the first physician-owned perfusion company in the nation. Following the success of that effort, Rochelle secured hospital, commercial and government payer contracts. She increased revenues by 40% in the first 9 months through the management of efficient revenue cycle management policies. It was here that Rochelle worked closely with Senator John McCain and his office to ensure prompt and consistent payments from Medicare.

United Physician Services (1999 – Present)

Today, the United Physician Services team discovers and implements innovative business solutions for profit-minded healthcare companies across the country. Our expertise in finance and operations enables providers and business owners to leverage clinical success and transform it into a moneymaking enterprise.

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