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     |  “Our client’s satisfaction is a priority for me and our entire United Physician Services team.”

— Rochelle Glassman, Principle & Founder

We are honored to work with some of the best healthcare businesses in the country. Read a collection of thoughts from our customers about the quality and depth of our services below!

With the breadth of services UPS has to offer, I don’t know of another consulting group in America, aside from a Big Four accounting firm, that can take a medical client and evaluate their financial planning, accounting and contracts, look at the value of them buying a building or not, negotiate better contracts, supervise their employees and train their staff while making sure the people they hire are actually qualified to do the job.

Flynn Wilson, CEO

Fidelis Diagnostics – National Mobile Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

When I decided to open my surgical center three years ago, I encountered several challenges with financing such a large project that included purchasing a building, and developing a surgical suite and practice. United Physician Services assisted in facilitating the processes that were integral in overcoming those challenges, which resulted in my opening a practice with a solid infrastructure in place. Over the past three years UPS has continued to help oversee operations, providing the necessary skill and expertise to handle any issues that arise. I have referred United Physician Services to my colleagues and am happy to continue to do so.

Corwin Martin, M.D., D.D.S., President

Estetica Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

UPS is a company whose integrity we stand behind whole-heartedly. UPS is a professional, well-run organization whose experience is unparalleled in the management of physicians and physician practices. Whether just starting out in practice or already in practice, utilizing the expertise of UPS will only help your bottom line. We can strongly recommend their services without reservation or hesitation.

Royal B. Anspach, M.D., Managing Partner

Tatum Highlands Medical Associates Family Practice

When I talk to a customer I tell them to call these guys if they really want to know what they’re doing and getting into. UPS does the most incredible business plans, the most thorough I’ve ever seen. When physicians see all the numbers that go into the business plan, they realize they could never have gotten there themselves. That’s the value UPS brings. Even the cost numbers… there’s just no way.

Donna Parker, Vice President and Manager

East Valley, Professional Banking Services  |  Wells Fargo Bank, NA

I was in the process of trying to set up my practice in Texas and at the same time close a busy practice in Missouri. After 30 days I realized I could not do this alone. With the expertise and assistance of United Physician Services, we were able to develop a business plan and an implementation schedule to get the Texas practice off to a successful start. I could not have accomplished this without Rochelle and her team at UPS.

Barry J. Bass, M.D. FACS, President

Surgical Associates of North Texas

We refer to Rochelle when we hear a client’s income is down, they’re having trouble with collections, staffing, and contract negotiations. A lot of times its conflicts having to do with dollars because that’s what makes the world go around. Physicians are working hard. They’re either not making enough money or their expenses are too high, and they don’t understand it. There are all kinds of reasons to bring Rochelle in to help a client, which is what I do anytime I sense there’s an issue.

Steven M. Kopp, CVA, CPA, Senior Director

RSM McGladrey

As President of a Multi-state IDTF performing imaging services in physician’s offices I strongly recommend Rochelle Glassman of United Physicians Services (UPS) as an expert in the Health Care Service Industry. With reimbursement changes due to federal regulations we had to change our business model as well as bring our services to the Phoenix Market and bill all of Arizona’s health care insurance companies. This was a daunting task and one we could not accomplish on our own within the time constraints necessary.

We sought an expert who could focus on our needs with the intensity of a project manager and meet the abbreviated deadline we requested.  We chose Rochelle Glassman to move Sononet into a position to establish a new corporate entity in Arizona. This entailed locating high quality licensed Arizona physicians, establishing a new tax ID, and credentialing our staff with the state’s commercial and Medicare insurance providers.

We had projected that the process would take 7-12 months.  Rochelle and her staff at UPS were able to accomplish the task in only 4 months. This was a remarkable accomplishment since our company resides in another state and had neither knowledge of nor contacts in the Arizona Health Care Industry. Our success in meeting the regulatory requirements, credentialing physicians, and gaining provider status is due to the knowledge and ability of Ms. Glassman.

I had known of Rochelle’s reputation from the Indiana Heart Institute where she was instrumental in the formation of the largest private cardiology group in the country. Until I worked with her directly I did not understand her high level of integrity, honesty and commitment to the client’s needs.

Rochelle Glassman is a professional of the highest quality with extensive experience in contracting, recruiting and credentialing. Her knowledge of the IDTF regulatory rules, her vast network of local and national contacts, as well as her determination to provide the most outstanding service to clients, places her in the top tier of Health Care Consultants. I recommend Rochelle and United Physicians Services with the highest compliments. They established us on sound footing enabling Sononet to successfully enter the medical community in Arizona.

Michael Mancina MD, FACC, President

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