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Facing the Regulatory “Tsunami”— 2015 Medicare Penalties Are Here

Are you one of the 257,000 physicians or 200 hospitals that now face one or more penalties because you haven’t attested to Meaningful Use Stage 2? Are you now part of the additional 28,000 doctors facing a penalty for failing to meet the e-prescribing program mandate? While the numbers were “appalling” to the American Medical Association […]

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Why Does My Medical Practice Need a Compliance Plan?

If your medical practice accepts Medicare or Medicaid patients, you might think this question is moot. After all, you’re already required to participate in annual compliance training, you as well as all of your downstream entities (subcontractors). While your training ensures that everyone “knows” what to do and that your practice is compliant with knowing […]

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5 Tips to Improve Payer Contract Negotiation

It is common practice when a new payer contract or an amendment to an existing contract shows up that the manager takes the document to the physician or owner for signature. Often, this happens without reading the contract and understanding its terms and your obligations to the contract it is signed. Before you can approach […]

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How to Use the Right Words to Maximize Reimbursements- Success Story Part 3

How to Use the Right Words to Maximize Reimbursements – Success Story Part 3

Legalese, bureaucratese, and general communication style expectations are often sources of frustration and anxiety when you are trying to get something done outside of your area of expertise. Even the highest level of proficiency in the language of your field does not directly translate into the contractual language related to your field. If your healthcare […]

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We don’t take “No” for an Answer- Success Story Part 2

If you are like a surgical wound care organization that we recently partnered with, your medical facility is meeting a real need in the medical community- one unrecognized by health plans.  Without the partnership with United Physician Services, their value might have continued to go unnoticed, but the story doesn’t stop there. Find out more from […]

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