United Physician Services’ founder, CEO, and principal consultant, Rochelle Glassman, recently was interviewed about new CT scan technology during the 2015 World Health Care Congress in Washington,D.C. In addition to her role at UPS, Glassman is principal and co-founder of Aeon Clinical Management Group.
During the video, both Glassman and Brian Baker, CEO of Carealytic, discuss advanced CT technology that provides rapid, inexpensive, and three-dimensional images of the heart to screen for blockages. The scans are noninvasive and are an alternative to the much more expensive, invasive, and sometimes risky cardiac catheterizations that are commonly used to screen for heart blockages.

Glassman and Baker also discuss the astonishing amount of money the new technology could save the U.S. Medicare system, if it were used in place of catheterizations, and explain the hurdles involved in putting the new technology to use.